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Latest Party Delights Offers December 2017

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Children's - Buzz Lightyear - Classic - Costume - FANC2385 - for only £14.99

A classic Buzz Lightyear costume licensed from Walt Disney. It features a jumpsuit that can easily be worn; made from stretchable fabric; a velcro fastening at the back portion and at the chin portion; and a pair of wings made from foam with an attached Velcro.

Belle - Costume - FANC6387 - for only £39.99

An official license ball gown "Belle" costume. The two piece features a stretchable bodice in gold velour; an off-the-shoulder neckline; and long matching gloves.

Children's - Ariel - Classic - Costume - FANC5711 - for only £12.99

A classic costume from the Disney Collection. It features a calf length dress made in satin fabric at the front portion, and a stretchable fabric at the back; a silver braid trim on the chest with an Ariel character print; and a shiny organza trim to the shoulders and hem.

Alice in Wonderland - Costume - FANC5550 - for only £37.99

A dress costume that represents the famous Alice in Wonderland fairy tale. The set also comes with a matching apron and headband.

Children's - 101 Dalmatians - Classic - Costume - FANC6699 - for only £14.99

A ballerina dress that represent that 101 Dalmatians movie. It features a bodice made satin; elastic shoulder strap; a stretchable fabric construction; an adorable Patch puppy print; and a skirt that has 3 layers: a stiff base layer, a net layer, and an overlay with a velvet feel plus a red satin ribbon on the waist.

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About Party Delights

Hosting a party is not as easy a task as you might think. Buy a few treats, order some food and drinks and get it started? No. It is actually quite a demanding project that will involve a lot of shopping and planning. But Party Delights can help! It is a true one stop shop for all party supplies meaning that once you get everything there, you will be sure that you haven't forgotten anything. You can shop for party invitations, tablecloths, costumes, napkins, decorations, wrapping paper, party bags, banners, balloons, toys, games, pinatas and much, much more. The website is very cleverly constructed, allowing you to browse by multiple criteria so that you find exactly what you need without wasting any time. For example, you can shop for party supplies by age and choose a theme for babies, teens, children and adults. Then you will find lots and lots of themes where you can select the one that will best suit the occasion and the person's tastes.

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