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Latest LA Muscle Offers January 2018

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Slinky (supplement) for only £24.99

A supplement engineered guaranteed to deliver results. Has a powerful double acting weight loss formula and a formula that works well for all women.

Nuclear Creatine (supplement) for only £83.99

A supplement that works in as little as several minutes. It consists of several key ingredients; has the world's first Generation III Aluminum Tubs; and comes in strawberry flavour.

Sculpt CLA (supplement) - 1000 mg - for only £49.99

A supplement that is engineered with a formula that promotes weight loss and protects your muscles. The ingredients are made from natural ingredients; increases lean muscle tissue, and reduces body fat.

Fat Stripper (supplement) for only £49.99

A fat burning supplement that is free from stimulants. Is engineered with a scientific formula to promote weight loss; very effective in targeting fatty areas found on the stomach and thigh areas; has natural ingredients without any side effects; and is a strong appetite suppressant.

Super Size - Top Norateen Muscle Builder & Best LA Whey Protein - for only £130.00

Two products at a worthwhile price. It features 1 month's supply of Norateen and protein that is ideal for amateurs and pros; and delivers guaranteed results.

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About LA Muscle

LA Muscle was established in the UK in 1997 and it has since then become one of the major suppliers of sports supplements in the world. All their products are created by highly knowledgeable experts who incorporate all the latest scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations into their recipes thus ensuring real and safe results. LA Muscle products are not food grade but in fact 100% Pharmaceutical Grade which makes them highly efficient. They are always produced by the highest industry standards which means they are of the highest possible quality. They are also absolutely natural containing zero artificial additives which makes them perfectly safe. It doesn't matter if you are just a beginner, or a seasoned professional - LA Muscle products are suitable for everyone. The website is very user-friendly - you can browse by goal, sport, product, or category which ensures that you will find exactly what you need in no time.

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