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Latest Baker Ross Offers December 2017

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Fab - Fibre Tip - Pens (pack) - starting at £3.96

High quality fibre pens with free flowing activity. It is water based; can easily be washed; and has 10 different colours included per pack.

Pirate - Temporary - Tattoos (pack) - starting at £2.99

A pack of temporary tattoos for enjoyment.Each tattoo can can easily be applied with the use of water; and it comes in 18 cool designs.

Fantasy - Fairy - Temporary - Tattoos (pack) - starting at £2.99

A pack of temporary tattoos. It can easily be applied on with water; and comes in 12 cute fairy designs.

Brain Teaser - Puzzles - starting at £3.96

Brain teaser puzzles for children and adults. A set that will keep you and your child peeled for hours.

Super - Egg - Lucky - Dips - starting at £8.99

Egg lucky dips you child would love to have. It comes in colourful plastic and has dimensions of 6.5 cm by 4 cm each.

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About Baker Ross

Baker Ross is a top UK crafts site, with an amazing array of arts and crafts materials for kids and adults alike. Just some of the items you will find when you visit bakerross.co.uk include paints and glues, pens, ceramic painting crafts, masks, card embellishments, badge making supplies, gold and silver effects, craft kits, modelling and moulding products, scratch art, stickers, stationery, toys, art supplies, educational supplies, bead crafts, foam crafts, wood crafts, sand crafts, and just about any other item you will ever need for every craft that you can think of. If you are looking for themed crafts, you will also be able to easily find these using the themed crafts category on the site, and here you will find packs for themes such as birds, dinosaur, cupcakes, butterflies, bonfire night, flowers, music and much more. Delivery is free when you spend more than £60 at Baker Ross and just £2.99 for orders over £25 being delivered to mainland UK.

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